All about Steve Catizone, Producer of Jennifer Clarke’s Trinkets in Rubble

Jennifer Clarke’s latest album, Trinkets in Rubble, is lyrically adept and beautifully arranged. Produced by Steve Catizone, the record features a tight core of musicians: Charles Haynes (Raphael Saadiq, Meshell Ndegeocello, Kanye West) on drums, Baron Browne (Jean Luc-Ponty, Billy Cobham, Andrea Bocelli) on bass, Duke Levine on guitars and Steve and Jennifer on keys. Jennifer’s music is engaging, original and strongly personal—a new take on sophisticated, soulful alt-country and rock that defies categorization.

The sonic synergy between Jennifer Clarke and Steve Catizone started in the studio for collaboration on the song “Ghost Heart.” The magic was undeniable, and the two decided to return to the studio to create Trinkets in Rubble. They are now working on Jennifer’s next anticipated release.

Who is Steve Catizone? The Los Angeles-based producer works on both coasts and is comfortable working with a range of genres. We caught up with him for a brief Q and A.

How did you begin collaborating with Jennifer Clarke?

Steve Catizone: I met Jen through a mutual friend and we spoke for a while about writing and producing music for a bit of time, then began our collaborations on her song “Ghost Heart,” which is on her latest release Trinkets in Rubble. We went back and forth with production and recording concepts, which led to us realizing we had a lot in common between interests in music and production styles. We then began talking about working on more material. Six months later after many enjoyable sessions, we put the finishing touches on her latest release, Trinkets in Rubble. We had a lot of fun writing, producing, and recording the record, with a great cast of musicians.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

SC: I have been producing music for 15 years, and am co-owner of Serenity East Recording (aka Sanctum Sound Productions, Inc.), which was established in 1999. I have written under Wyclef Jean (Fugees) and for independent artists for over a dozen years. I have a degree in Music Synthesis from Berklee College of Music, and have worked out of Boston, New York, and Los Angeles.

Check out Steve Catizone’s sites for Sanctum Sound and Serenity West.

Download Trinkets in Rubble here:


Visit Jennifer Clarke’s website here.

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